Everything Beautiful is Far Away


Everything Beautiful is far away showed the 21st June 2017 in Culver City Studios it’s a movie about two humans in a dystopic future guides by a Robot Heat called Susan, a far from the city and walking in the dessert just in the day time, both are seeking for the crystal lake, the sea, and they go back to the city and bring people to the lake and create a community near the sea.

The director Pete Ohs, Andrea Sisson explains that they just have the idea and for a while they were recruiting all the people to work with in the project, and they built the history in the chances they got, for example just walk in days to avoid using night lights and, the design of the fruits.

About Susan they said it was built by guy founded on Internet who do Robots, and that was it, the soundtrack was made by Alan Palomo ❤

And they said the plot give you a nostalgic background of, he walking alone, (Joshep Cross) escaping from something o for the memory of someone and then he found Julia Garner and when he tries to protect her is when start the vision of a family and also, when she told him I like how your snore when you are sleep and no one programed to say that, I’m really feel it. It’s a point that mark how both lonely humans start to become that human, and tried at the end to program Susan de Robot to have free will and  the end she is who tell the story.



Q&A Sofia Coppola Beguiled and Lost in Translation Double Feature LA Film Festival


This year in LA Film festival I have the opportunity to attend the Questions and Answers with Sofia Coppola, the first part of the showing was Beguiled I understood why Elle Fannin Appeared in the Vogue Cover with the flowers in Bloom in this movie she as a young Lady seduces Collin Farrel, and causes the tragedy.

Respect to this Sofia Coppola Says that all the actors bring to the characters a plus something else, in case of Collin he was charming and try to give to all the girls all that what they need, and Nicole Kidman bring this sensuality to her character.

Also Coppola says: I just want to show that he was bad since the beginning but the girls has this idea of he could change or he could be a good person, that’s why we put the scene when throw the turtle, it was the point when the girl who found him, realizes he’s not a good man and all the crew start to organizes his death,

This film show the girls as powerful and Amazonas in a world plagued by war and fear, solitude and nostalgic a prison of young ladies with no dragon. Or the dragon with no leg.

Sofia to introduced the next movie Lost in Translation in 35 mm film, says that she don’t remembered the first time when she presented the fil in an audience what was the feedback, but she remembered that in that moment nobody’s was interested in their characters, two Americans lost in Japan.

But this movie represented the culmination of cycle of learnings from her, because she came to LA looking for being a sculptor and when her teacher told her that she could not be one, she got really angry, but then she starts to experiment with photograph, because she had a lot of influence for the in the fashion magazines, and then a star was born, Lost in Translation represent that, the moment in the life in the search of meaning.